Tube Tech Copper & Alloys Pvt Ltd – An ISO 9001 : 2008 & CE Certified company engaged in manufacturing of all types, sizes, shapes and tempers of Copper Alloy Tubes. We have a global presence and have a reputation as an innovative, dependable and high quality producer of Brass Tubes, Admiralty Brass Tubes, Cupro Nickel Tubes, Profiles, Brass Sleeves, Cupro Nickel Piping Systems, U Tubes, Tube Bends, Tubes with end forming – Tubes with beaded ends, Tubes with expanded ends, Tubes with reduced ends, Tubes with threaded ends, Cupro Nickel Flanges etc.

The company has manufacturing unit in western suburb of Mumbai at Palghar in Maharashtra. With its world class manufacturing facilities we are able to satisfy customer’s requirements globally.

With our wide product range we cater to numerous industries like Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Heat exchangers, Automobiles, Railways, Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants, Ship Building and Repairs, Petroleum refineries, Sugar Plants, Defense establishments i.e. Naval Warships, general engineering applications etc.
  Plot No.37, Dandekar Ind. Est., Old Satpati Road., Shirgaon, Palghar (W), Dist.Thane - 401407 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  Tel. : (02525) 240602 / 215464
  Fax : 91 9004477626
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Brass Tubes
Brass is an alloy of copper with main alloying element as Zinc. Features includes Strength, hardness, ductility, good corrosion resistance
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Aluminum Brass Tubes
These have high resistance to corrosion in clean seawater or in land conditions is difficult. It is extensively used material for various industrial applications.
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Brass Rectangular Tubes
We manufacture Rectangular Brass Tubes to meet the increasing demand of these tubes for general engineering applications.
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Brass Profile Tubes
Our facilities are capable of producing various shapes like : elliptical, D shaped, octagonal shape, any customized shape for special requirements etc.
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Cupro Nickel Tubes
Cupro Nickel alloy has high erosion corrosion resistance. It has high weld ability, easy for installation and high antifouling properties against sea microorganisms.
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Cupro Nickel Piping Systems
We produce Cupro Nickel Piping Systems & Cupro Nickel Tube Assemblies that require various bending operations, machining operations, welding operations, brazing operations etc.
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Brass Rods
We offer a wide range of Free Cutting leaded brass products: Round Rods, Sqaure Rods, Rectangular Rods, Hexagonal and Shaped Rods
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Admiralty Brass Tubes
Admiralty Brass Tubes possess essential properties such as versatility, corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, easy to join and install
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Brass Square Tubes
We manufacture Brass Square tubes in sizes 6 50 mm outer diameter to meet the increasing demand of these tubes for general engineering purposes. .
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Hexagonal Brass Tubes
We produce the Hexagonal Brass Tubes in a variety of outer diameter & wall thickness combinations as per our Customer’s requirements.
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Brass Sleeves
Sleeves are available in outer diameters from 6 to 40 mm with wall thickness 0.3 mm & above. Customized as per the given specification by the Customer.
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Tube Bends
We offer custom tube bending and pipe bending services to meet your specifications. With the latest tube bending technology we can bend up to 3" Outer diameter tubes
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U Tubes
We manufactured range of Copper & Copper Alloys “U” Tubes as per ASTM B 395, heat exchanger standards and grades for Condensers, Boilers and heat exchanger applications
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Cupro Nickel Flanges
We manufacture precision-engineered, excellent finish Cupro Nickel or Copper nickel Flanges fabricated in accordance with defined industry standards
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